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Woodworking Project – Small Box With Dovetail Joinery

March 16, 2009

Build date: 2009/03/14
Dimension: 8Lx5.5Wx4H”
Materials: Cherry

I cut my last set of dovetails about seven months ago (July 2008) for the medium-sized toolbox. I worried that I may be getting rusty, so I decided to practice by making a small box with dovetail joinery. Honestly, I don’t need another small box. I made quite a few of them last year (see here and here).

For this project, I wanted to try cutting very tight tails and small pins – a line’s width. The tails were rather tightly spaced that I was barely able to slip a 4.5mm chisel in between them. Cutting the pins required some concentration since any small deviation in the saw cut would have resulted in very visible mistakes. Having said that, I made a few mistakes, but the end result still looks decent after some minor repairs. I glued the bottom panel in place, then secured it with nails made from a 1/8″ wooden dowel. I’m not too happy with the pull knob on the lid. In hindsight, I could have shaped it with a bit more curves. Oh well, next time. After completing the box, I applied 2 coats of Bioshield Primer Oil #1.

I gave the box to my Mom as an early Mother’s Day present. She was elated.

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