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My First SketchUp Model

February 12, 2009

For 2009, I set a goal to learn Google’s SketchUp. I didn’t have much success in learning it for the past 3 years even though it’s supposedly the most user friendly of the 3D modeling software. The challenge had been to find a dedicated block of time to learn SketchUp. This time around I was determined to set aside an hour each day for a focused study until I become proficient at it. To track my progress, I created a SketchUp GoalTracker (more on that in a future blog installment) and monitored it daily. For study aids, I referred to:

Those were pretty much all the resources I used. After learning the basic SketchUp tools (1 hour minimum each day for 2 weeks), I set out to create a model of my toolbox as a first ambitious project. It was an opportunity to try out a wide range of tools. I was quite happy with the result. I can claim that I now know SketchUp – the year’s goal accomplished.

My SketchUp toolbox model can be found at the Google 3D Warehouse. I had made several toolboxes in the past 2 years and this one is by far my favorite (more on that in a future blog installment). Since I decided to donate it to Daiku Dojo, I captured the dimensions and details just in case I want to build a replica in the future. The SketchUp skill came just in time!

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